GANT – uncompromised style and quality

GANT – uncompromised style and quality
At Armitage Men’s Outfitters, every aspect of your look is considered which is why we pride ourselves on only stocking superior brands. Brands that underpin our philosophy of quality and style and continuously evolve to meet the man of today’s individual requirements.
GANT is one of our favourite brands and every discerning wardrobe should contain at least one or two, preferably three GANT shirts. The company’s success has all been down to its winning formula of quality and sense of style.
A GANT shirt is not an ordinary shirt and as their website says, “For GANT, it all began with shirts and we’ve never stopped reinventing them. Born in 1949, it’s a shirt that is rich in legacy and history.”
When it comes to GANT products, only the best is acceptable. They have brought us bold colours, unusual fabrics, and the perfect roll of a GANT collar, all while never compromising on quality.
Elliot Gant once said, “Let’s not try to be everything to everybody. We’re individuals. When you think for yourself you can be tastefully different.”
And that’s exactly what GANT is – tastefully different. GANT has an extensive range from shirts of all styles through to chinos, jeans, knitwear, casual wear, footwear and accessories – yip, GANT has something for everyone.
Shirts – there is a GANT for everyone
Shirts are every man’s best friend; they are one of the most versatile items in your cupboard. Paired with your favorite jeans, peeking out from under your jersey, or simply unbuttoned over a t-shirt, the right shirt will change your look in an instant.
GANT’s shirt range includes everything from classic Oxford shirts through to striped, checked and floral shirts, linen shirts and short sleeve shirts. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or for an iconic bold shirt, GANT has you covered.
What we love about GANT shirts is they are designed for all body types and your perfect shirt is a mere hanger away.
Chinos & Jeans – GANT Style
GANT has also become renowned for its chinos and jeans, once again GANT living up to their incredible sense of style and superior quality.
Chinos originally were popular on college campuses and are synonymous with that classic east-coast style. But we love them for their comfort and versatility.
Gone are the days when you held back that iconic pair of jeans for the weekend. GANT jeans can be dressed up with one of their classic shirts and blazers or dressed down with one of their t-shirts. The different looks are endless.
GANT chinos and jeans come in a regular cut, slim and extra slim cut. Their regular cut is a timeless classic with a normal fit and straight leg. The slim fit takes it up a notch with its modern look and narrow fit made from material with a comfort stretch. The extra-slim fit is sleek and cool with added high stretch.
Blazers – a multitude of choice
Just as GANT took the classic work shirt to a whole new level, they’ve done the same for blazers! Quality and a multitude of styles to choose from – Double-breasted blazers, rowing blazers, canvas blazers, regular fir blazers, 80s club blazers! We did say there was a multitude but one of our favorites is the stretch linen suit blazer – this is a timeless classic and definitely exudes ‘man-about-town’ vibes.
GANT is for the man who won’t compromise on quality or style no matter what the occasion!!