Packing away and storing your knitwear

Packing away and storing your knitwear
Packing and storing away knitwear correctly is something we often overlook, especially when it comes to packing away our winter woollies! Spring has arrived and it’s time to start getting ready for those warmer days. It's also a reminder to perhaps get out there and grab some new Spring shirts, we can’t think of a better way to kick off the new season than with a floral shirt like one from Stenströms.
It’s all about preparation!
Before you rush off to pack away your winter knitwear, you definitely need to clean them first, so whether or not you are handwashing or taking advantage of our dry-cleaning services, you need to make it a priority. Even if your knitwear looks clean, it is still worth while heading to the laundry as you don’t want any odours or bacteria remaining trapped in the fibres for any period of time.
Storing knitwear that hasn’t been cleaned will lead to musty smells and any stains will land up becoming a permanent fixture. But before we move on, make sure your knitwear is 100% dry as any moisture will lead to mould which will impact the quality of your knitwear.
Folding or hanging?
We have found that it is preferable to fold your knitwear as this prevents unnecessary stretching and puckered shoulders. There are so many different ways to fold your knitwear and there really isn’t a wrong way, it all depends on your storage space. KonMari is renowned for tips on folding just about anything and she recommends folding sweaters as follows:
• Fold one side toward the centre
• Fold the sleeve to fit within the rectangle’s width.
• Fold the sleeve back flush with the edge of the rectangle.
• Fold the other side the same way.
• Fold in half lengthwise — and don’t forget the gap at the edge.
• Fold in half or thirds.
• Stand the sweater upright.
If you prefer to hang your knitwear, then choosing the right type of hanger is crucial. We recommend going for a soft, padded hanger as this will minimise any stretching around the shoulders. Another option is a high-quality wooden hanger. In other words, avoid those thing wire hangers as you will most certainly land up with puckered shoulders!
Storage options
Make sure to store your knitwear in a cool and dry space away from direct sunlight to prevent any discolouration. We also recommend adding cedar chips or blocks which are a great moth repellent, as well as silica packets to ensure moisture won’t be a problem. Once your knitwear is ready to be stored there are quite a few options you can use, it all depends on your space.
Fabric boxes or cloth storage bags are ideal solutions as they allow your knitwear to “breathe” while keeping them safely away from dust and moths. Don’t confuse cloth storage bags with garment bags – these storage bags are generally rectangular shaped and are made from a breathable fabric with zippers on the sides.
Vacuum-packed bags are a great alternative if space is a problem just ensure that you check that the seals are in good condition otherwise moisture will creep in leading to those unwanted mould issues.
Plastic boxes are also a good solution, but make sure you add those silica packets to prevent moisture. Remember when packing knitwear away in boxes pack the heaviest knits at the bottom.
Your wardrobe is an investment and like any investment, if you want it to continue paying benefits, you need to look after it properly!