The perfect watch for every occassion

The perfect watch for every occassion

There is a saying, “Boys look at their smartphones to check time – men look at a watch” and we happen to agree.  When it comes down to that all-important decision as to which watch to wear, it’s really very simple. Your watch choice, just like your outfit will entirely depend on the occasion.


Watches generally fall into one of the following main categories - dress, field, pilot, dive, and racing.



Dress watch 


The dress watch, yes, you’ve guessed it – the ideal watch for those formal occasions!! Historically it was considered rude to wear a watch to a formal occasion - glancing at your watch was thought to signal you’re bored!!


Dress watches are the ultimate accessory and are the perfect match for those formal occasions and business meetings. Dress watch designs are subtle and simplistically elegant.  They are generally light and thin as they need to fit under that crisp white long-sleeved shirt. A simple leather strap, silver case, and design-free dial make it the epitome of style.


 Field watch


Field watches are full of history and played a crucial role in both World Wars. It was the first time that men wore wristwatches as they had previously only used pocket watches. Taking a pocket watch out during a war was never going to work. Wristwatches were initially considered to be feminine – Oh how the world has changed!


Field watches are classic and were built to last. We love their timeless sense of style, simple design, and rugged elegance. These watches are resilient, after all, they were made with the war in mind! They are waterproof, dust resistant, easy to read and the perfect accessory for that slightly more casual look.


Pilot watches


This iconic watch with its classic and practical design is suitable for just about every occasion and you can even get away with it at that black-tie event.


Pilots reportedly strapped their pocket watches to their wrists and out of necessity the pilot watch was created. Their design is similar to field watches with an easy-to-read dial but they are more complex with the addition of chronographs and dual time. They also have large crowns as pilots used to wear bulky gloves and this made it easier for them to adjust their watch when necessary.


Dive watches


Who doesn’t love a great dive watch? There is something about these watches that oozes style. The luminosity of the dial, the eye-catching bezel, the quality stainless steel – these watches aren’t just for underwater and are a great accessory for those casual days


Dive watches either have stainless steel or leather straps and anything with a metal band is considered less formal. We don’t recommend pairing this watch with your black tie unless, of course, you have some James Bond action in the running.




The choices are endless


The choices are endless and fortunately, the rules are no longer so strict. For those black-tie events, a dress watch should always be your first choice, although the classic field watch is the perfect alternative just make sure you avoid anything digital. A formal event is all about elegance!


When it comes to more formal business attire, your dress watch is the perfect accessory and if you feel like making a statement, you can comfortably pair it with your dive watch – just make sure it has a leather strap. As we said, metal bands are for those slightly less formal occasions.


And for all those other occasions, well with a classic field, pilot, or dive watch, you’ll elevate your look in a matter of minutes!!