The Ultimate Indulgence: Armitage's Hot Towel Shave Experience

The Ultimate Indulgence: Armitage's Hot Towel Shave Experience
At Armitage, we pride ourselves on our impeccable service, high-quality luxury products, and attention to detail. That's why we cover every aspect of your look, from the perfectly fitted suit to bespoke tailoring and personalised grooming services.
We understand how busy life can be, but style is not only about how you look but also how you feel. Taking time out for yourself is just as important, and with our grooming services, you can do just that.

Embrace a legacy of indulgence with one of our signature experiences – the Hot Towel Shave. It's about indulging in a practice that honours the past while celebrating the present. It’s a moment to call your own in a space where time stands still.

What is a hot towel shave?

Here at Armitage, we love the Acqua Di Parma brand, and one of their associates specially trained our barbers in the art of the hot towel shave. This ritual is a return to an age of elegance and sophistication, where we combine timeless techniques with modern luxury.
The process begins with applying a hot towel to the face, which softens hair follicles and opens the pores, preparing the skin for a close, incredibly smooth shave.

Next, our master barbers mix a lather of shaving cream and apply it to your face with a soft shaving brush. We only use premium shaving creams and oils, ensuring that each glide of the razor is as smooth as silk. Now for the shave—it's slow and precise and takes time as our barber slowly works the razor across the contours of your face—so just relax—this is your time!

Once the perfect shave has been completed, we may apply another hot towel for that extra bit of relaxation and to help remove any excess hair and cream. A cold towel is then placed over your face to close your pores and soothe your skin. Lastly, we apply the perfect aftershave for that final touch.


What are the benefits of a hot towel shave?

A hot towel shave is much more than a luxurious experience. Besides the fact that it feels incredible, it is the ultimate way to ensure your grooming routine is not only about maintaining a good appearance but also about promoting better skin health and comfort.
  • Enhanced Skin Health and Comfort: Softens hairs for a smoother shave, reducing razor snags, nicks, and irritation.
  • Softened Hairs for an Easier Shave: The hot towel supercharges the softening of whiskers, allowing the razor to glide smoothly across the skin without tugging or scraping.
  • Professional Beard Sculpting: A barber can sculpt your beard with precision, leveraging their expertise in hair grooming to enhance your personal style.
  • Deep Pore Exfoliation: Helps to remove dead skin cells and open up pores, promoting a closer shave and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs, blemishes, and acne.
  • Long-lasting Protection: Protects skin from infections, reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, and minimizes skin damage from future shaves.
  • Moisturized and Rejuvenated Skin: The combination of hot towels, pre-shave oil, and post-shave lotions leaves the skin silky, smooth, moisturized, and rejuvenated.

Book your hot towel shave experience.

We invite you to experience the ultimate in grooming luxury. Book your Hot Towel Shave and step into a world where time slows down and grooming is an art form. Join us in celebrating the timeless traditions of male grooming.

Whether you're looking to refresh your look, maintain your beard, or simply indulge in a relaxing grooming experience, the hot towel shave offers a multitude of benefits that make it a worthwhile addition to your personal care regimen. Here are two of our favourite products that we highly recommend adding to your routine!

Acqua Di Parma Soft Shaving Cream—We love this luxurious, extra thick, creamy, and light shaving cream! Its rich consistency softens skin and lifts whiskers, ensuring smooth razor glide and an accurate shave while protecting against razor burn and skin irritation.

The Acqua Di Parma Beard Styling Cream’s texture is between a wax and a pomade. It guarantees a well-groomed beard, styling, and conditioning with natural oils for a non-greasy feel. It provides all-day control and style definition, and we are big fans of the light Colonial fragrance.