Saphir Care Cream Tube Applicator

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Saphir Care Cream Tube Applicator


Crème de Soins contains beeswax to preserve the softness and suppleness of leather. It cleans, nourishes, waterproofs and revitalises colour. The integrated foam applicator ensures a clean and thorough coverage.

Crème de Soins is formulated with beeswax, which has natural protection qualities. The beeswax penetrates the leather, adding nourishment which helps prevent cracking. The colour tinting conceals scuffing and scratches and renews the patina.

  1. Remove all surface dirt and dust using a brush or cloth.
  2. Spread small quantities of Crème de Soins on the leather with the applicator and massage in.
  3. Allow to dry for five minutes.
  4. For shoes, use a bristle brush to polish the leather. For clothing or other leather goods, polish with a soft cotton cloth.


To treat a large surface such as a jacket or bag, simply unscrew the applicator sponge and apply with a cotton cloth to avoid spilling the product.